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A Connecticut Guide for bikers including motorcycle events, CT Rides, Nick's Ride, weather info, all kinds of stuff of the month, course info, insurance info, lawyers, biker friendly restaurants, live music calendars, bike shops, powder coating, chrome, custom paint, leather shops, vendors, a visitor's column, personals, classifieds, other links, chat room, message board, gift certificates and more.

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Aka Webmistress ... Catinthewind


The New Story

This site was started around Sept. 23, 2002.  The site's original idea was Kim's aka Webmistress or CatintheWind. CT Bikers Guide is the sister site of The Megasite Guide to Dining .. www.culinarymenus.com and the CT Music Scene ...  www.ctmusicscene.com, CT Home Owner Guide .. www.cthomeownerguide.com and I Love Shopping CT ... www.iloveshoppingct.com.

CT Bikers Guide has now grown to include the publishing of Excursionz Magazine in June of 2006, a new boater's guide; CT Boaters Guide, www.ctboatersguide.com and our I Love Shopping Site is now I Love Shopping In CT, www.iloveshoppinginct.com. All the sites are in the process of a redesign and re-programming. CT Bikers Guide is the first to be re-launched. Our brain child The Megasite Guide to Dining will now be CT Dining and Events Guide, www.ctdiningandeventsguide.com. The sites Events Calendars will all access one database and have multiple categories. We are working on a GIFT CARD program as well for both advertisers and visitors, which will offer discounted gift cards.

We have several new members of our staff... Our great new looks are brought to you by our crazy new designer Ben (I can't wait to see what he will do for the mag!!) . The KBW Designs business which drives this operation now has 3 more employees, Will (main programmer), Vinnie (programmer) and Melissa (helps with marketing and general work on the sites). After I have been BEGGED by everyone for years to get an office, we have a VERY SMALL office thanks to my good friend Steve at OnCall Computers in North Haven. Little by little we are working toward the re-publishing of Excursionz Magazine! We welcome any and all help, comments, new advertisers and suggestions... but please most of all...

ENJOY!!!! ....

and please ... stay tuned... !

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The Original Story

Well.. this is quite the story... there were many people involved in this site when it first started... some of who are still out riding around somewhere, but as life evolves, so do the lives of all of us. We may not see some of them on a regular basis, but they are still considered to be very important to all of us here at CT Bikers Guide.

Kim & Marty are the original web designers.. which over the years has changed quite a few times and now the Webmistress also had help from the Behind The Scenes Guy.. Alan Sherry. We still talk to Nick & Ginny .. although we don't get to see them much.. he was our original Leader.. that would be Nick FROM NICK'S RIDE THAT IS.... and Ginny his wife .. she keeps Nick on time... and keeps him from leaving you in the dust if you are 16 minutes late... If you ever get a chance to ride with Nick or run across him somewhere I think you should still make sure you get the cell number from Ginny so Nick can't get too far without you... this is one of those things I have a feeling didn't change .....

Then there is Miss Joan... she was originally nominated to be the Website Spelling Police, she is one of the Webmistresses best friends... and she has a new gorgeous white Dyna Glide..  and then there is Pete.. he was the  Webmistress' pilot, until the webmistress found her new huney... Mike from Alabama... Pete is out there somewhere... we have kind of lost track of him ... if you see him around have him give us a call please!!!  Then there is Fred the Kid Rider, he is still around too.. working on bikes and doing alot of dirt bike racing in season .. of course... 

This was the basic beginning... we look forward to a new beginning that will be fun and informational...

Thank you for visiting!

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